Posedarje is typical, small, Mediterranean place, settled on the coast of Novigrad Sea.

If you have your own boat, you have the possibility of enjoying sailing, which you can enrich with water-skiing, that is especially adequate because of the stillness of the sea. Nearby the gravel beach, there is also the sandy beach. It is only 10 minutes away with small vessel or 5 minutes ride with a car. It is also very appropriate for younger swimmers as well as for beginners. It is also interesting for it’s shellow water and if you want to reach the 1,5 meters depth which provides you safe and carelles swim,you have to walk or swim around 150 meters till you get there.

The place is also known for eco food production. It is especially known for the production of Dalmatian prosciutto ham. For it’s quality, the wind bura is responsible as well as the characteristic micro-climate of a mountain-sea air which benefits this product giving it special quality and taste.
It is also known for local specialties, fishing, shellfish farming, virgin olive oil production, homemade brandy, wine and dry figs. All of these specialties can be tasted in restaurants that are settled in the center of the place. Therefore, you don’t need any vehicle to get there. It only takes a 5-minute walk to the center.

Excursions and recreation

Posedarje is surrounded with national parks as well as parks of nature (Paklenica, Kornati, Plitvice’s Lakes, Krka). Waterfalls and canyons of Zrmanja before your very eyes, are unique opportunity to find out where the famous Winnetou made his westerns.
For the bravest and adrenaline addicts there is also a possibilty of “Bungee-Jumping” from Maslenica’s Bridge which is only 2 kilometers away.
There is also a possibility of renting pedals and fishing boats.
For the fans of mountain air, rivers and lakes we recommend trips to the Posedarje outskirts consisted of 3 parks of nature as well as 5 national parks. The choice is really big, so if you enjoy walks through the forest, climbing, rafting or sailing.


Every summer a traditional Donkey Race is being held. On weekends concerts of Dalmatian’s traditional bends are taking place as well as of our own Posedarje’s traditional bend “Kontrada”.

Posedarje has its charms in autumn when nature and the air we breathe is becoming more peaceful , when grape harvest starts in September and the olive harvest mid-October.
Air temperatures in Dalmatia in this time of year is between 20 and 25 ° C, and the sea is a comfortable 22 ° C to 24 ° C.

The atmosphere of the olive harvest and processing of olive oil and you can feel yourself if you choose to stay in the autumn.
We ourselves are olive oil producers and everyone can try this natural gift - Olive oil from known indigenous varieties which originate from the Croatian .

Staying in September and October is a real vacation because no strenuous heat , traffic or noisy , overcrowded beaches . At that time - Restaurants offering their services , ferries and boats run regularly between the islands, museums and galleries , national parks and nature parks are open for visits and tours . At this time of the year do not have to worry about sun burns , and air and water temperatures are almost identical , so swimming is a real pleasure . Fishermen know that it's time to hunt squid and octopus . And finally one more thing : prices are lower than those in July and August . We invite you to choose your accommodation from our offer and enjoy the warm autumn days at sea or in the countryside.


With a pleasant Mediterranean climate - Posedarje is surrounded with many beautiful bays along the coast in the untouched nature.
The beaches are sandy, rocky, small portion in the center is covered, and one of the required beach in Zadar area's sandy beaches of the Holy Spirit (which is hard to find a place for our towels)

Weekends on this sandy beach held a variety of entertainment and nightlife, live music by the famous Croatian singers, drinking cocktails and lots of other interesting things - especially attract the younger ones with excess adrenaline.

The church of Sveti Duh is located on a small island off Posedarje. It dates from the 15th Century, but was restored in 1974. At Pentecost is celebrated in Posedarje also the day of the congregation. On this day a procession of the fair is traditionally organized by boat to the small island and there, in addition to the pre-Romanesque church held.
The fair each year live in a growing number of pilgrims from the surrounding area.

How to reach us

By plane:
Zadar Airport Zemunik (ZAD) is well connected with all the Croatian and European larger cities, and is only a 20-minute drive from Posedarje.

By car:
You can drive to Posedarje by many routes, although we recommend the state freeway A1 direction ZG-ST as the fastest and the most enjoyable one. Leaving the freeway on the „ Posedarje“ exit is three minutes away from us. If you’re arriving from the direction of Rijeka use the Jadranska magistrala D-8.

By ferry:
Ancona – Zadar from Italy. The trip is 8 hours long. From Zadar a bus ride to Posedarje is about 15 minutes.

By train:
Zagreb – Knin –Zadar

By bus:
Zadar is the center of Central Dalmatia and well connected to all Croatian cities and larger European towns