Tavern - Konoba

The term KONOBA comes from Latin (canaba), and it stands for vine cellar.

It was a place where one could eat and sing well into dawn, sometimes even fight with others, but would all mean little without a couple of rounds of Briscola and Tressette... Plans were made and delivered there, in hope for a better tomorrow. Stone walls and earthen floors of konoba are rich with the layers of the past and the people, even more so than the interiors of old churches. Today, an original konoba „from the times„ can hardly be found, but when discovered, it unfolds a magnificent tapestry of forgotten smells and tastes. In times of our grandparents, there wasn't a single stone house without its own konoba, where people would exchange a couple of words, where every guest was offered to enjoy in original Dalmatian prosciutto (salted with coarse sea salt, smoked with juniper wood, and most importantly dried with Bora, under the slopes of Velebit mountain), homemade cheese and wash it all down with a glass of good quality red or white wine, while desserts consisted of various liqueurs. Everything mentioned here was made in the most natural way possible, without adding artificial colors and aromas. The only preservative they used was sea salt! That kind of authentic Dalmatian atmosphere can be experienced right here, among our stony walls – in KONOBA!