SOBE GORA offer accommodation in 3 apartments and stone house with swimming pool. Located in the Dalmatian place Posedarje, located in a quiet village called Tunjarice. Place name comes from the word tuna fish, because once upon a time our old fishermen with their laborers hands in that nature, in the clean sea fished tuna and after hard work, tired from the sun, enjoy fresh grilled fish and of course drank wine. The SOBE GORA are 150m away from the beach. The house is surrounded by ancient olive groves, and one of the oldest olive trees in the village is our olive trees over 700 years old. It is located in the parking lot. Olive creates a natural shade with its beautiful and lush foliage. Posedarje is surrounded with national parks as well as parks of nature (Paklenica, Kornati, Plitvice’s Lakes, Krka). Waterfalls and canyons of Zrmanja before your very eyes, are unique opportunity to find out where the famous Winnetou made his westerns. Come and enjoy!